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Adam Lambert and the Idol staff must have heard us yesterday. Kara DioGuardi did a taped interview for the View that will air today.
During the segment, Barbara Walters asked DioGuardi if she thought his “perceived sexuality” might have influenced the audience to vote for Kris Allen.

To which DioGuardi responded, “Well, first of all, I hope not … because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry and they both [Lambert and Allen] had that. I don’t think that Adam [Lambert] was ever in [the closet]. I think he was always openly out.”

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox were on the outs but it looks like they’re moving forward. Jen was rumored to be upset about earlier this month Courtney hungout with Brad at the Chris Cornell concert.
Last night, Jennifer, Courtney and David Arquette had dinner at Water Grill in downtown LA and afterwards headed to Fleetwood Mac at the Staples Center

On Wednesday the Hills was filming at Pinches Tacos in LA and Brody, His Girlfriend, Lo and who else, Kristin Cavalleri. However, Audrina was not there because she was busy bitching to media outlets complaining that she does not like Kristin, she is pathetic and will do anything around the cameras

So when your Maserati gets towed, what car do you take. Well, if you’re Lindsay Lohan, you take the infamous black Matte Rolls Royce Phantom. The Maserati got towed for being in the red zone on Thursday.

Susan Boyle is cracking under the pressure of her recent fame. She can not take the sheer amount of pressure on her.

Courtney Love fired back at American Express yesterday. Her attorney claims, “AmEx knows the claim has no merit. We have told them this for a long time. AmEx’s law policies allowed fraudulent transactions to be charged to my client’s card.” Just because you’re drunk and high and don’t remember buying something doesn’t mean its fraudulent.


See a cig, get an R

Smoking in youth-rated movies has not declined despite a pledge two years ago by Hollywood studios to encourage producers to show less “gratuitous smoking,” according to an anti-smoking group.

The American Medical Association Alliance, pointing to research that big-screen smoking leads teens to pick up the tobacco habit, called for an R rating for any movie with smoking scenes.

The head of the group that gives U.S. movies their ratings, however, said the smoke has been clearing from youth-rated movies, a result of the film industry’s sensitivity to the issue.

The alliance, the medical association’s advocacy arm, launched a summer campaign this week aimed at publicly shaming studios into making smoke-free films.

“Research has shown that one-third to one-half of all young smokers in the United States can be attributed to smoking these youth see in movies,” said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, head of the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.


Manscape? Do you?

As far as body-shaving advice goes, it may be the best a man can get – and it certainly has a lot of people talking.

A new series of Gillette videos, which are featured on the company’s Web site as well as on YouTube, show a cartoon man demonstrating how to shave different parts of the male anatomy, including the groin.

“Taking care of the hair down there certainly has its benefits,” the narrator explains in the video. “When there’s no underbrush, the tree looks taller.”

Michael Norton, a Gillette spokesman, said the grooming videos, which also offer tips for shaving the head, chest, back and armpits, were devised after consulting men.

“Guys told us they want to learn how to shave body parts other than the face,” he said. “We think it’s become a much more mainstream aspect of grooming.”

The ladies seem to agree.

“Women appreciate a well-groomed man,” said Amy Bailey, owner of The Beauty Mark, a Beacon Hill cosmetics boutique.


Spanish Matador Speared by Bull





On the day Chris Brown took to YouTube to say he’s “not a monster,” a photographer sued the R&B singer, saying Brown’s bodyguards beat him as he tried to take pictures at a gym.

Robert Rosen sued Brown and LA Fitness International, claiming he was assaulted by a bodyguard after snapping pictures in a gym in Universal City. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for multiple claims, including assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

The suit states Rosen snapped photos of Brown and friends on the basketball court at the LA Fitness on May 13, roughly a month after the singer’s arrest for allegedly assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown has pleaded not guilty in that case, which is scheduled for a hearing Thursday.

Rosen’s lawsuit states he fell down a flight of stairs after being chased by Brown’s bodyguards, who assaulted him. It does not allege violence by Brown.

Rosen also claims he was blocked from leaving the gym by a gym employee. A phone recording at LA Fitness’ headquarters said the company was closed on Wednesday evening and did not allow a message to be left.



Reporter Bobby Ghosh writes, “The most successful interrogation of an Al-Qaeda operative by U.S. officials required no sleep deprivation, no slapping or ‘walling’ and no waterboarding. All it took to soften up Abu Jandal, who had been closer to Osama bin Laden than any other terrorist ever captured, was a handful of sugar-free cookies.”

Former interrogator/member of the FBI Ali Soufan, who testified to Congress last month,  tells TIME: “He was a diabetic … We had showed him respect, and we had done this nice thing for him …. So he started talking to us instead of giving us lectures.” Ghosh points out,  “Defenders of the Bush program, most notably Cheney, say the use of waterboarding produced actionable intelligence that helped the U.S. disrupt terrorist plots. But the experiences of officials like Soufan suggest that the utility of torture is limited at best and counterproductive at worst.”

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