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Ptibull gets physical! At his concert in Aspen a fan throws money in reggaeton stars face and Pitbull punches him back! In the video Pitbull pulls male fan on stage (not sure why) then fan throws money in his face and Pitbull goes crazy… LAID HIM OUT with one punch kicks him in the side then continues with song !!!


The new Princess of Pop, Lady GaGa, graces the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone in nothing more than her fierceness and some bubbles, bitches!

…. she looks super hotttt!!  I mean she could of had something done to her hair but its all good 🙂 … check it out


RIHANNA REPORTEDLY THREATENS TO BURN DOWN CHRIS BROWN’S HOUSE … AND TALK ABOUT HOW WEAK HE IS IN THE BEDROOM!! According to Star magazine, Rihanna is convinced that he was the one that leaked those pics of her naked on the web so what is she going to do you ask?

At first, Rihanna 21, was so furious, “she was saying crazy things like, ‘I’m going to burn down his house!’ … She [also] says she’s going to release her own photos of Chris. She has less-than-flattering nude pics of him that she plans on leaking

And more:
[Rihanna also] plans to spread nasty rumors about Chris, 20. One example: that he was a novice between the sheets until she taught him everything he knows.

The mag is also suggesting that Rihanna hacked into Chris’ email and sent the following message to all his dancers:

“This notice is to inform all my dancers that you will no longer be needed. I’m sorry this is short notice, but if you haven’t already realized, my career is over… I think I could build a career as an exotic dancer. I’m going broke and I need some income coming in … I just hope you don’t see me on Celebrity Rehab or Intervention”


Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter, Exodus Tyson, was pronounced dead on Tuesday.  The child was discovered on Monday at her Phoenix, Arizona, home hanging from a treadmill by its power cable.  The horrible incident is being treated as an accident.



1. SINGLE GAL!!! Rihanna reportedly left her ex boyfriend known as the “love god” in Barbados to meet up with NBA baller Andrew Bynum in Los Angeles. MTO reported just yesterday that Rihanna was back with and seeing ex boyfriend Negus but now it seems as though a girl Rhi Rhi is back in the states and out with our boy Bynum of the lakers. Over the weekend the two were spoted in Beverly Hills and it seems as though things are heating up for ri on the romantic tip.
2. American Idol winner, David Cook’s brother, who had been battling brain cancer for several years, passed away on Saturday. Adam Cook was 36 years old.
3. On Saturday night during her concert in Connecticut, our girl Britney Spears, got bum-rushed on stage by a crazed fan who tried to dance with her during her performance of ‘womanizer”! A video of the incident will be posted on the blog. Around the 2:15 mark you can see the fear in her face, she’s screaming, “get out of her ” and her hand is shaking.
hahah Poor Brit, but you have to admit after watching the video it is kind of funny !!! hahahah Ps… you can tell your lip singing brit.. didnt you learn? (video on perez hilton)
4. FINALLY!!!! Pink comes out! The singer exclusively tells – on the record! – the UK’s News of the World, “I’m not embarrassed about being bisexual. This is who I am. Love is pure and I try to keep it that way. This is who I am, what I feel. I think it’s unnecessary to draw the subject out, but I think it even more stupid not to discuss it. It seems as if bisexuality is a trend and I should whip up the masses. Well, I don’t believe in trends, I just believe in me.” Although Pink recently reconciled with her husband Carey Hart, but she says “I would also be just as happy with a new women. I’m not complicated, I sing about love in all its shapes, forms and colours.”
go head girl…
5. hahah At fridays concert in philidelpa, Lady Gaga shows her fans her VA JJ. She said she felt bad for bailing on her fans and wanted to do something “extra”, saying that her show is already too long and too expensive so she showed the crowd her vagina! hahaha



Dancing with the stars is horrible and they better be paying them big bucks because another star is injured. Bachelor reject Melissa Rycroft is out for the count. The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader has suffered a painful rib hairline fracture on Monday. She will be able to continue dancing after some rest

Lady Gaga was almost arrested in Russia, according to her Twitter. The singer, currently traveling through Europe, Tweeted: “They tried to arrest me in Russia, for leather at St. Basil’s. But all is calm in the red square, as I leave the east Parisbound.”

Barbara Steisand’s much anticipated and expensive bombed Saturday night. The special was viewed by 4.9 million viewers. I bet CBS is thrilled.

Octo-mom is planning on adding to her family by getting a dog. Just what she has time for

Kim Kardashian posted new pictures of her blonde hair that you can find on our website, but she punk’d us. It was a wig



Lil Jon took to his Twitter because he got a new phone # and it is Miley Cyrus’ old number. He said on my favorite website:

Sunday night Lady Gaga performed at the 20th Annual White Party, there she revealed that Poker Face is a deep philosophical discussion of her personal experience with bisexuality. GaGa’s poker face is the one she puts on while she’s with a man but really fantasizing about a woman.

Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka P.Diddy aka Diddy is set to star in a Judd Apatow produced movie called “Get Him to the Greek” about a record company intern trying to get a English rock star a gig in LA . Diddy will star as the intern’s boss; imagine that? lol Diddy is super excited about his role . Here’s what he said:

“If you work hard + believe dreams do come true! Even if no one else believes! I landed a role in the new Jonah Hill, Russell Brand movie!”

Fame whore Nadya Suleman has trademarked the term “octomom”. Suleman went to the US patent and trademark office to trademark the name.. Which only cost her 825 (bitch don’t you need that money to take car of your children. because you sooo broke?) Octo-crazy plans to slap the label on any and everything… disposable diapers, textile diapers, and even clothing
She has officially lost her mind!!!
In other Octomom news… girl is getting her own reality TV show! WELL … sort of… she says that the show will be an ongoing documentary of her children’s lives where the camera crew will come and film the children’s live six times a year. She said they will be like her home movies because she so busy you know getting “Octomom” trademarked that she doesn’t have time to film the kids herself!

Rihanna tells Chris to get his shit out her house!!!! According to MTO insider, Rihanna saw photos online of Chris and Natalie coming out of the tattoo parlor; realized he was up to his old ways and blew up. The insider explains, “While Chris and Rihanna weren’t together [for the last few weeks], they promised each other that they wouldn’t date anyone else.”

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