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Recap of College Football’s First Big Day!

It’s that time again! Back to college football, the mascots, the fight songs, the Cinderlla stories (too bad Appalacian State couldn’t make it two years in a row), the upsets, the painted faces, the tailgate parties. It’s a great time of year for football fans around the nation!

So how did this year’s first weekend of college football start out? Quick recap of the biggies..

(1) Georgia 45 – Georgia Souther 21 (no surprises there)

(2) Ohio St. 43 – Youngstown St. 0 (embarrassing that Ohio St. plays Youngstown at all)

(3) USC 52 – Virginia 7 (Go Trojans! – I’m a biased Southern California native, what can I say!!)

(4) Oklahoma 57 – Chattanooga 2 (Isn’t that kind of weird to put on your resume? B.A. from Chattanooga?)

(5) Florida 56 – Hawaii 10 (that’s a long way for the Rainbows to travel to get stomped)

(6) Missouri 52 – Illinois 41 (too close for comfort)

(7) LSU 41 – Appalacian St. 13 (no Cinderella sequel)

(8) West Virginia 48 – Villanova 21 (nice game by WV QB White – 5 TDs today…settin’ some records early)

(9) Clemson 10 – (24) Alabama 34 (UPSET OF THE WEEK – ROLLLLL TIDE!!!!)

(10) Auburn 34 – Louisiana-Monroe 0 (snoozefest)

There you have it folks, the first week of football wrapped up in a nice little bow for your reading enjoyment! Two weeks til the BIG GAME – Ohio St. v. USC! Email The Block FM and tell us your predictions…!


Our Special Labor Day Show! Listen and Weigh In!!

Tim and I will be having a special Labor Day show for you on Monday morning at 9am on KYHY 92.5FM! Here’s what we’ll be discussing!

  • Should guys let their girlfriends decorate their bachelor pads? Word on the street is that Tony Romo, QB of the Dallas Cowboys just bought a (hideous) house in Texas and is planning on giving Jess free reign to re-decorate. Yikes. Good idea or recipe for disaster? Let us know what you think! Email us at
  • The new fall season of TV is starting tonight! Check out Gossip Girls, the new 90210, and listen to what Shannon Doherty had to say about Tori Spelling’s tell-all with Entertainment Weekly. We’ll be talking to Matt Roushe, TV Guide the Magazine analyst and critic, for all the inside info!
  • The MLB’s new instant replay rules…they are dumb.
  • Recap of the amazing Democratic National Convention and an introduction to the Republican’s VP pick, Sarah Palin. Yikes. Email me your best political comments –

CHECK IT OUT! 9-10am! Orrrrr, download our podcast at THE BLOCK’S INCREDIBLE WEBSITE!



A few weeks ago we had a GREAT band on our show, I Hate Kate and for all you that fell in love with them like we did, we have exciting news!


Check them out on myspace… Just go to our myspace,, and look in our top friends. Listen on monday and tell me what you think –


Penny War is what we need!

Since the beginning of all this mayhem, I have said on multiple shows that we should be able to vote Penny War style in our national elections. After news broke of McCain’s HORRIBLE running mate, I immediately went to my Crackberry and emailed any and every Republican that I unfortunately had in my phone book. They all responded with the same feelings “horrible choice”, “I am thoroughly disappointed” etc, etc. When I asked them what they were going to do, however, they all firmly stood behind McCain. But, when I asked about their thoughts on the Penny War idea, there was FINALLY something we agreed on.

This is what boggles my mind. Our country is in shambles, we have had 8 years of a terrible President, yet the McCain (AKA McBush) supporters are going to vote strictly because they do not like Obama. HELLO! If our voting system was done in a way that you can turn your vote into a CANCELLATION of a vote for one party, those that feel it is the less of two evils can eliminate “the evil” instead of voting for a moron just based on party lines.

Meanwhile, I think Obama should have picked me for his running mate. I was Student Government President at my High School of 2500 students (Close to Alaska, right?) and never tried to get rid of a staff member for breaking up with one of my friends.

No Way, No How, No McCain,



For the “Family Values” Party, this is a Joke

The Palins have five children. They are  Track, 19; Bristol 17; Willow 14; Piper, 7, and baby Trig, who is 4 MONTHS (yes, months) old and suffers with Downs’ Syndrome.

Now, I’m all for mothers working and being strong and all that jazz. But, people, this is a mother of an infant. An infant with disabilities. Andinfant with special needs. Especially from his mommy.

Soooo, for the family values party, I have a question: How does Sarah Palin potentially being the VP of the US and traveling around the country for the next few months to campaign and then traveling around the world as our representative make you feel? How does it forward your agenda?

You think that Sarah Palin is going to have baby Trig in arm this whole time? Or is baby Trig going to be passed on to daddy (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just not what the Family Values party has advocated over the years and not what I, even as a progressive woman, think is best for children. There is something irreplaceable about a mother’s rearing of her children)? Or maybe baby Trig will get a great Washington DC nanny. So however you slice it, Sarah Palin, as VP with five kids who are ALL at critical ages and in need of their mother’s devotion and attention, is really flying in the face of the whole family values agenda. I consider myself pretty liberal, and yet, this reeks of irresponsibility to me.


Will the REAL Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up

…if the hope for John McCain is to get women to vote for him who otherwise supported Hillary Clinton – if anything could get Hillary Clinton campaigning in full force and fury…this is it. She likely would have campaigned hard, but it’s in Hillary Clinton’s best interest to be the leading voice for women, and the leading woman candidate for president in the future, so having another woman as the potential Vice President (and potential President) is a significant challenge to that. The Republicans just opened Pandora’s Box and brought Hillary Clinton roaring to Barack Obama’s side on the Democratic train. And Bill Clinton, too…

…Hint: some women did vote for Hillary Clinton solely because she was a woman. But most women voted for Hillary Clinton because she was a Democrat, as well as a woman, who stood for important Democratic values they seriously believed in….

-Robert J. Elisberg, “The Worst Vice Presidential Nominee in US History”

As a woman, as a progressive, and as someone who does have high hopes for one day seeing a qualified, dignified, experienced, incredible woman in the White House, I am calling the true, sincere, trailblazing Hillary Clinton to please stand up now and speak out loudly against this insulting choice that John McCain has provided for his Presidential ticket. For Sarah Palin to get on that stage and dare to even compare herself to the likes of Hillary Clinton is embarrassing. Yes, Hillary Clinton did put major cracks in the glass ceiling for us women, but Sarah Palin is NOT the one to break on through to the other side. We are not looking for a beauty-pageant winning, gun-toting, mayor of a village in Alaska to step foot in the White House for us. God, I gag saying this, but Condolezza Rice puts Sarah Palin to shame. I swear to God, McCain thinks we’re all stupid. Hillary, I’m telling you, I’m having my people call your people, and you better get out there after this RNC and start pounding the pavement teaching everyone what it means to be a progressive and qualified woman.

Barack Obama always needed Hillary’s (and Bill’s) support. Now he needs Hillary’s voice to speak out for women all over the country (all over the world for that matter) and say “Yes, women can do this job, I showed that by garnering 18 million votes, but it’s not just ANY woman. It’s the CORRECT woman. And Sarah Palin being a heartbeat from the White House is not the CORRECT choice. It’s not the smart choice, it’s not the feminist choice. It’s an irresponsible choice.”

So Hillary, step up to the plate, do what you said you would do and support Barack Obama with every fiber of your being, sister, and show the world what a truly qualified woman you are for the job of leading this country! And while you’re at it, tell the PUMA’s to get their act together. 🙂

I swear people, it gets stranger and stranger every day.


Getting to Know…Sarah Palin

Another Alaskan for Obama tellin’ it like it is re: Sarah Palin. Thanks to John Nail for the info..

  1. She is presently under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power
  2. She strongly supports big oil (her husband even works for an oil company)
  3. She stands for everything that Hillary Clinton stood against
  4. She is adamantly opposed to reproductive rights for women
  5. She has no federal or international experience & has only been mayor of a small town and a beauty pageant winner.
  6. She believes global warming is a farce
  7. She believes creationism should be taught in public schools
  8. She supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and anywhere else big oil wants
  9. She supports Pebble Mine which will destroy the richest salmon run in the world
  10. She supports aerial shooting of bears and wolves in Alaska and is a lifetime member of the NRA
  11. She is pro-war

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