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Jackamore = Amazing Concert

So last night I went to Jack’s Mannequin and Paramore at the OC Fair and it was an amazing show.

Jack's Rockin out

Jack's Rockin out

For starters, the lead singer, Andrew McMahon, of Jack’s Mannequin can work the stage and the piano. He was all over, had 2 mics at the piano because he moves around all crazy. To top it off, his mom, dad and friends were all in the audience and he dedicated the track “La La Lie” to all the people there… hmmm… His mom was rocking out, like any mom would be at their son’s show. Go buy there songs on itunes!

Paramore came out and the audience went buck wild!!!! Girls were screaming “I love you”, guys were screaming “Marry me” and the girl in front of me bobbed in place. The lead singer, Hayley Williams, is great on stage she works every side, she gets the audience pumped up by talking to them and worst of all, she does a head shake to the beat and it gives me a head rush just watching her!

If you are looking for an amazing concert experience with a price tag that won’t break your piggy bank, then check out for all the tour dates! Our seats were amazing! Thank you Atlantic Records!

Happy weekend. I’m going up to San Luis Obispo :),



The Celeb political whirlwind is starting up

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been getting a lot of press lately for Jennifer’s baby bump but this past weekend they put that aside and flew to Miami for an Obama Fundraiser. In addition, Matt and Luciana Damon were along for the ride to show their support for my candidate of choice.

Ben and Jen have both been Barack supporters for awhile now but they must have convinced Matt and Luciana to get ready to ‘Barack The Vote”


You Are (NOT) What You Drive

So here in L.A., as the saying goes “you are what you drive.” Getting on the 101 or the 405 is like getting on the runway at a fashion show. People are all around you, checkin’ your ride out from the hood to the rims, from the nav system to the numbers on your license plate. Your ride is a defining statement of who you are and what you’re all about. All that is about to change…I hope.

The L.A. scene needs to get with it. Cars are soooo last season. While Californians might still be filling the parking lots we insanely call freeways with Hummers and Range Rovers (and Priuses, of course!), our nation as a whole is putting cars on the road a lot less these days.

According to a special report conducted by the Federal Highway Administration, Americans drove 9.6 billion fewer miles in May compared with a year earlier. Um, last time I checked 9.6 billion miles was….a lot. That’s not a “dip” or a “slow-down”….that’s a “PLUMMET.” Since reporting on drive miles began 66 years ago, this was the largest drop for any May – a month that usually sees significant driving increase due to the Memorial Day holiday, the introduction of the summer season, and many college graduations. Three of those largest monthly declines have occurred since December, as unusually high fuel prices take a toll on drivers.

Something is happening across our nation, and it’s a BIG something.

Could it POSSIBLY be that our SUV-loving citizenry, our truck-obsessed populace, is FINALLY at a tipping point? Was the $4.30 you paid at the pump last week the straw that broke the camel’s back? Did it suddenly sink in that you’re paying in the 3-digits now to fill up that sexy H2? Yep, the 22″s and the navigation and the tinted windows and the DVD player and the 18 cup holders and the LOGO stuck to the bumper made it alright for all this time. You could live with mounting gas prices making it tougher to justify going out to dinner on Friday night….as long as you looked good through the suffering. But now even the bling is not shining a light bright enough to keep out the darkness and the pressure that mounting gas prices are putting in our lives.

Many commuters are ditching their cars for trains, buses and bikes, or they are working from home, using technology like or to make their workplace mobile. “It does seem that we are on track to beat last year’s record [public transportation] ridership,” she said, noting that the 2007 tally of 10.3 billion public transit trips was a 50-year high. “That can really only be explained by the large increase in gas prices,” said Miller.

Gasoline prices spiked in May, rising for 24 consecutive days in the month. May was a psychologically jarring month for many commuters, as gas prices not only rose steadily over the course of the month, but also broke the $4.00/gallon mark. The impact of these trends has been unmistakable.

It’s too bad L.A. has such a horrible public transportation system. Seems to be the “cool” thing to be doing now. Usage of public transportation across the U.S. jumped in the first three months of 2008 by 88 million trips from a year ago, for a total of 2.6 billion, according to the APTA.

We can look to Boston as an example for their superb public transportation. The Boston Globe reported Monday that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority broke a ridership record of 375 million passengers in fiscal year 2008, which is 21 million more than the prior year.

Some commuters, like Eric Creese, have taken the issue of gas prices to a whole new level – in an effort to save money, save the environment, improve his own health and live with a clear conscience, Eric has stopped driving to work and now uses only his own natural abilities – and his bike – to commute. He runs a Web site – – for bike commuters, with calculators to estimate calories burned and gasoline saved. His co-workers have logged their miles on his site, totaling 5,400 so far.

So listen up Angelinos! Your Range Rovers are OUT! Your Schwinn’s are IN! Don’t be braggin’ about your V8 Supercharged Chevy Tahoe….start jabberin’ about guzzling your V8 juice and walkin’ to work. Oh, and L.A. City Council, State Assembly, Senate, etc., get a CLUE! Paying for gas SUCKS, being dependent on oil BITES, and public transportation/alternative energy/better city planning for shorter commutes IS WHERE IT’S AT! ‘Nuff said.


The new party trend!

Who knew that celebs were into having a political themed party! This past Sunday, Kate Beckinsale was spotted setting up Hilary and Barack cut outs wearing lei’s and hula skirts.

Although she is British by birth, she still is American at heart.


3BA to Debut Tomorrow in Anaheim, California

More basketball???? Haven’t we had enough?! I’ve been an avid basketball fan and player for most of my life, but honestly. NBA, WNBA, NCAA Mens’, NCAA Womens’, Streetball, and now THIS?! We’ve already got problems with refs like Donaghy in the NBA and coaches in the NCAA like Bobby Knight. We went through the dress code thing. Then the new basketball thing. Then the brawls. The endless debates about if high school students should be allowed to be drafted or if they should stay in college. We’re already concerned about the NBA possibly having knowledge of games that were thrown and millions of dollars made through potentially illegal (or at the very least, unethical) gambling practices. Do we really need more basketball? Well, I guess SOMEBODY thinks we do.

3BA is the newest branch of the professional sports world and brings its fans full court 3-on-3 professional basketball.

The mission of the 3BA organization is:

to provide a fiscally and socially responsible professional sports organization and related environment, positive fan-player relationships and interaction, both on and off the court, working to bring communities together through passion, teamwork and the love of the game.

By making our game, our athletes and ourselves more accessible to the public, we will help bring communities together through the magic of athletics, and change the attitude and perception of professional sports today.”

3BA is set to debut in Anaheim this Saturday, July 26 at the Anaheim Convention Center at 7pm. Ticket prices range between $8 and $30. The Los Angeles Laker Girls are set to perform, and there will be festivities that include free giveaways and celebrity appearances. So what’s the difference between 3BA and traditional 5-on-5 basketball showcased by the NBA? Here are a few

  • 3BA games are played on a full court measuring 72 ‘ long and 50’ wide.
  • 3BA recognizes a 22’ three point line: All offensive players must be in the frontcourt for any three-point shot to be officially scored. If a three point shot is taken prior to all three offensive players in the frontcourt, if made it shall be counted as a two point goal, and/or if missed the ball shall be live.
  • Backcourt violation: Once a team scores, the opposing team must inbound the ball in the backcourt. The ball must be touched in the backcourt before it can advance to the frontcourt. 5-second advancement to mid-court.
  • Game is played over four eleven minute quarters.
  • Game uses 18-second shot clocks.
  • Six fouls per player

Not really sure what exactly will come out of the 3BA, whether it will flourish or whether it will fall by the wayside like so many other professional sports projects. The one saving grace of 3BA might be its emphasis on speed and high scoring games. With audiences demanding more and more action, 3BA may satiate their hunger for less dribbling and passing and more shooting and scoring. However, if it was up to me, I’d never say those three letters together again. I’m sorry AC Green – just because you’re obviously not good enough to coach a REAL NBA team doesn’t mean that a whole new league should be up and started so you can coach. Ugh.

You didn’t hear me say it, but the NBA regular season is too long. We need to start cutting basketball back, not adding more to this seemingly unending barrage of boring games with no import attached to them. Double ugh.

Why can no one take a lesson from the most successful professional sports franchise in the world – the NFL. Small number of games – maximum exposure and import – huge amounts of drama and passion – record jersey, sponsorship and ticket sales – legendary status. Same with college football – fewer games = more intensity = more focused fanbase.

It’s not a complicated formula for success. But somehow the basketball people want to go in the opposite direction. Fine. Be that way. Bore us to tears. And force basketball down our throats 24/7/365. And watch your ratings plummet and your profits dwindle. I, for one, am not amused.


Know before its big…

For all you music lovers we got some news for you! Nevershoutnever, a one man band that is new to the scene about about to make waves across the industry, will be calling into The Block FM on Monday morning! Picture a 17 year old kid, Chris, singing some mellow music on an acoustic guitar.

Check out Monday’s show at 9:00am PST to hear NeverShoutNever talk about everything from the new album, to his love life, to being a vegetarian. In the meantime, check Chris Drew of NeverShoutNever out on iTunes with his new mini-album release of The Yippee EP. You can also catch NeverShoutNever on MTV’s TRL next Wednesday!

Happy weekend!



Can’t Argue with the Facts

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