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The Sports Weekend….Snoozefest

US OPEN Combine bad weather and longer delays with lots of beer, and you get what’s going on at Bethpage Black for the US Open: heckling. Lots of heckling. It’s getting rather personal, which isn’t right, but, then again, golfers are way too sensitive to sound. Let them experience what practically every other sport does: lots of noise. Hey, Happy Gilmore was able to handle it, so why not these guys?

BASEBALL What happens when Kobe and his dad sit behind the Dodgers dugout at the Big A? The Dodgers win. The Dodgers won the 3 game freeway series by taking the last game 5-3. The Angels and Dodgers are now even in their season matchups taking 3 games apiece from one another.

I can’t wait til football season…..


Radio Can Send Football Fans Car Crazy

More than two million motorists have had an accident or near-miss while driving and listening to sport on the radio, a study has warned.

Football fans can get as emotional as their on-pitch heroes.

The Football Focus report has been published to coincide with the UEFA Champions League final in Rome. 

Put together by academics from the University of Leicester, it warns that listening to live football matches on the radio whilst driving can be a dangerous distraction.

And it estimates that two million drivers have fallen foul of the emotions it can produce.

Tests carried out for the study showed casual listeners drove at a consistent pace throughout matches.

However, the driving style of football fans was found to vary considerably – sometimes erratically – as games progressed.

“It acts as a warning to more than a quarter of motorists, who are likely to listen to part or all of the match while driving, that they could be putting themselves and other road users at risk by doing so,” the report says.


USC Stunned By Oregon Beavers

It’s mayhem in Corvallis tonight. The Beavers had USC on the ropes the entire night. Well, at least Quizz Rodgers did. That kid single-handedly beat the Trojans. And I’ll give credit to the Beavers O-Line and D-Line as well. The O-Line for allowing that little 5’6″ body to sneak through the cracks and the D-Line for hounding Mark Sanchez all night long.

But I can’t wrap this up without giving some heat where it’s due…did USC really prepare well for this game? The Beavers are a joke. They are unranked, they were 1-2 before this game, and their secret weapons are a couple of Running Back brothers who should have been flicked around like little flies tonight? I mean, really?! Is this what I should expect from the premier team in the NCAAA? What’s your excuse? You couldn’t get your butt low enough to the ground to get some leverage on this kid? That’s no excuse. You make the adjustments. You read the routes. All they did all night was hand the ball off to Quizz. Is it so difficult to come up with a strategy to attack that threat? You have a line of 4-8 guys in the box and you can’t bring ONE TINY LITTLE KID down? That’s pretty lame, Trojans.

I think you might have walked into that stadium tonight with a bit of hubris. And hubris always loses. Every game needs to be prepared for as if the National Championship is on the line. Because guess what, it is. And now Georgia and LSU and Florida and Missouri and all those other teams up there are dancing in the streets tonight because the mighty Trojans have been stomped by a little amateur team from a no-name place at a no-name program. You can’t take these kids lightly. They play with heart. They play with a chip on their shoulder. And tonight, they outplayed you and outclassed you.

I look forward to you making it up to me over the course of the rest of the season. It will take you that long to make reparations. I love you, but tonight, I’m not amused. Tomorrow…back to the training room, back to film, and back to business.


NFL Ref Ed Hochuli Blows…Literally

Ok, so he’s one of the better refs the NFL has seen, but on Sunday in Denver, Ed Hochuli blew his whistle, blew the entire game, and in general, just blew.

Trailing 38-31, the Broncos (now 2-0) reached the Chargers’ 1 yard line, but on third-and-goal, Cutler reared back to throw and the ball slipped out of his hands, bounced off the grass and into linebacker Tim Dobbins’ hands.

But referee Ed Hochuli blew his whistle, apparently ruling it an incomplete pass. After a review, Hochuli said that the Broncos would keep the ball because his whistle had blown the play dead. The Broncos got the ball at the 10-yard line, where it had hit the grass out of Cutler’s hands.

Two plays later, Cutler hit Royal for the TD to make it 38-37.

Instead of going for the tie, however, Shanahan kept his offense on the field and, 75,000-plus fans at Invesco Field holding their breath, Cutler again found Royal in the end zone for the game-winner.

CUTLER FUMBLED THE BALL. IT WAS OBVIOUS. IT WAS CLEAR TO ANYONE WITH EYES AND HALF A BRAIN CELL. The NFL needs to overturn this whole “whistle blows the call dead.” That is idiotic if the ref blew the whistle INCORRECTLY. This wasn’t the only screw up of the game. Earlier, the Broncos were handed an interception on a play that, after watching the replay, was 100% clearly NOT an interception. But again, Ed Hochuli couldn’t reverse the ruling on the field because the replay equipment wasn’t working.

Ok, so basically this game was a joke. Denver played a nice game, but the Chargers clearly were the better team, coming back in the second half to score over 30 points and hold the Broncos on the defensive end of the ball. The Chargers did everything they were supposed to do. But the NFL failed them. That fumble call was atrocious. This isn’t pee wee football. These are people’s livelihood’s hanging in the balance. Norv Turner has every right to be royally ticked off.

After the game, he had this to say: “On the last play, it was clearly a fumble,” Turner fumed. “Ed came over, the official, and said he blew it. And that’s not acceptable to me. This is a high-level performance game and that’s not acceptable to have a game decided on that play.”

And this is my message to the Chargers – get angry and get even. Jets next week….let’s give Brett and nice SD welcome.

As an aside, Darren Sproles is the MAN!


It’s Official: Tom Brady…Out For Season


No more Brady for 2008. Chargers – it’s your to lose.


Prediction: The Bolts Win Superbowl XLIII

It’s that time of year again! ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings have come out. Everyone is gearing up for another incredible football season. So now it’s time for predictions.

1. The SD Chargers will win the Superbowl. They have the most depth, the best talent, and the least amount of problems in the clubhouse of all the teams in the league. They also have a cake-walk conference in the AFC West. This is their season and I feel really strongly about the Bolts. As I was making my way through the tent at the ESPY’s after-party, I caught Shawn Merriman chattin’ it up with some other studs, and I just got this feeling…this feeling like I was looking at a future champ.

2. New England and Indianapolis will disappoint. I’m not saying they will have losing seasons or they won’t make the playoffs. But c’mon people, they’re getting old, worn out, beat up. They’re just not going to be able to keep pace with all the young, strong, fast talent. Sorry Boston and Indi. And thanks for the memories.

3. The Cowboys won’t win a playoff game this year…again. It’s been 12 years, and it might as well be 12 more because Tony Romo is overrated and doesn’t have what it takes to lead his team to a postseason victory.

4. Favre will play. The Packers are being stupid. They have a Hall of Fame QB like Favre who has played in 275 consecutive games, given all his energy, loyalty, and love to the game, and put Green Bay on the map (and almost took them to the SuperBowl last year). And yet they’re whining about the “psyche” of Aaron Rogers??? Somehow I think Aaron will survive if Favre comes back. The NFL is about WINNING. The only questions the back office of the Green Bay Packers needs to be asking itself is “who is going to win us more games and take us the distance?” And there is only one answer to that question: Brett Favre. Cut him slack. He’s EARNED it. Yeah, he flip flops….so do most guys who have been wearing cleats since they were five and are facing the end of a lifetime of work. Football is Favre’s life, and what a life it’s been! If he wants to play, clear the lane and get his uniform hangin’ in the locker room. End of story.

5. The ProBowl will be in Hawaii. No seriously. Mark my words. You think I’m kidding? Ok, fine, doubt me, but I’m telling you…read my lips, H-A-W-A-I-I. 😉 hehehehe.

-Posted by Cassie

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