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Talkarazzi 8/18/09

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with d-bag Scott Disick’s kid and is due in December. And if you’ve seen any of the Kardashians whore’d out shows, you will know that he is not that great of a guy and reportedly cheated on her.
This weekend, Khloe Kardashian spoke about her potential future brother-in-law saying that Scott’s “always been obsessed with Kourtney.” Adding that recently “he’s more — well, I don’t know if a man can be maternal, but he’s definitely becoming more maternal.”
As for the baby, Kourt is set to give birth in December and has already gained about 10 pounds, adding “I’m embracing it. I like when my body changes. I like seeing it. I run around naked all day at home. I think it’s like a beautiful thing.”

Sunday night’s premiere of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami on E! was the cable network’s biggest debut since 2002’s premiere of The Anna Nicole Show!!!
Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian’s premiere drew in a massive 2.7 million viewers and a 2.14 rating, topping every premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians by 49%!!!
The Kardashian sisters’ show even tied Anna Nicole in the ratings for their key demographic: women between 18-49!

Quentin Tarantino was on Howard Stern’s show on Monday to promote his new Pitt-starring flick, Inglorious Basterds and let it out about Brad.
Tarantino revealed he went to France to meet with Brad and pitch the movie. When the two got together, they hit it off, spoke about the film and drank about five bottles of wine.
But then Quentin adds that the “coolest” thing Pitt did was pull out a brick of hash and give him a piece of it!

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart did not have sex with Kari Ann Peniche but according to Kari, they had plenty of fun. Kari Ann, a dethroned Miss US Teen – tells TMZ that the video is them 3 naked in her apartment more than two years ago.
In the video, Gayheart says her “alter-ego” name is “Nina,” Kari’s is “Fifi” and Dane goes by “Peter,” “Cocaine Manner,” “Tristan Daily,” and “Tuff Hedeman,” a famous bull rider.
McSteamy owns the rights and will sue anyone who publishes it



Giselle Buchin graced the covers of both Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar recently – to some of the mags’ worst sales!
Vanity Fair “sold only 280,000 single sale copies, the lowest total for the magazine in nearly two years,” while Harper’s Bazaar “sold only 132,000 copies, its lowest total of the year and its lowest since November 2008.”

Spencer Pratt’s sister, Stephanie Pratt, is on the cover of the new issue of Us Weekly. Claiming The Hills made her Bulimic because she was working with skinny girls

Even though both parties have kissed and made up, a quickly-expanding number of online protestors are petitioning for David Letterman to be taken off the air for his off-collar joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter!
Over 30,000 people have made the “pledge” on to boycott the products sold by the sponsors and even organized a protest outside the Ed Sullivan Theater on Tuesday in NYC.

The social networking website MySpace announced Tuesday afternoon that they will be laying off almost 30% of their workforce, bringing their employee count to just 1,000 people.
According to their press release, due to declining pageviews and increased competition, the company will be returning to its “start-up culture.”

Forget Howard Stern … Jack White is vyying for the new title of King of All Media. Check this out: he’s appearing on Conan O’Brien on Thursday, June 18th with his latest project, Dead Weather. He’s just launched a record label with Third Man Records. And that tour he did with Meg that saw the White Stripes play every province in Canada? There’s a movie for that.
Talking with the Canadian Press, Jack White said that the film will “be much more than a concert film,” adding that “I think Meg (White) and I gave away a lot more than we ever would have imagined we would want to.”
“When we started, we just didn’t know what we were doing, so we just (said): â??Film everything, see what happens,”‘ he said. “I don’t think we would wanna film ourselves like this. I’m pretty anti-reality television and all that ridiculous peeking behind the curtain sort of aspect of entertainment these days.”



Seems as though American Idol’s amateur competition isn’t so amateur. AI Contestant Allison Iraheta was the winner of Telemundo’s Quinceanera: mana Quiero Ser Artista (Sweet 15: Mom, I want to be an artist). She not only won, she walked with 50k and a recording contract

Beyonce is the definition of a Diva. Albertin, the famous art museum in Vienna Austria, had arranged for baby B to take a private tour of the museum while in town but instead of showing up, Beyonce sent a look-a-like to go in her place. Where was she? Shopping. Best part is that night her concert was only half full

Seems as though the love is dying. Gossip Girl no homo’s Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick are sick of living together. Apparently Chace is getting diva as well. He wants to live downtown, in secure building with a doorman

Howard Stern of all people came out supporting gay marriage. He said “we have a responsibility not only to make gay marriage acceptable but to make gays feel accepted as much as heterosexuals”

AL Roker is one big weather seed. Al will be joining the weather channel as the most for their new morning show, Wake Up With Al from 6a-7a, before The Today Show. Meteorologist, Stephanie, Abrams, will be co-hosting

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