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Talkarazzi 8/17/09

Ashton Kutcher whore’d himself out the past couple of weeks from Conan to iJustine to promote his newest movie Spread. The limited release didn’t even make the top 20, bringing in only $100,000. Maybe Rumor Willis’ new flick Sorority Row will out do her step dad?

Dancing with the stars cast
– Melissa Joan Hart
– Kelly Osbourne
– Aaron Carter
– Mya
– Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell
– Professional snowboarder Louie Vito
– Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin
– Six-time gold medalist for swimming Natalie Coughlin
– Actress and Madonna BFF Debi Mazar
– Zlist actor Mark Dacascos
– Swimsuit model Joanna Krupa
– The son of George Hamilton and Alana Stewart, Ashley Hamilton
– Donny Osmond
– Tom DeLay
– Former supermodel Kathy Ireland
– Former singer Macy Gray

After Michael Vick was signed to the Philadelphia Eagles, native Phili resident Pink took to her Twitter to express her thoughts on this touchy matter.
“wow. michael vick in MY hometown, Philly. of all the places. I hope the fans tear him to pieces like his beloved dogs.”

Sarah Palin’s worst nightmare Levi Johnston was asked recently in an interview if he’d pose in the nude. “It depends on the money, man,” replied Levi. “It’s gotta be right for that.”
The father of Tripp was also asked if he’s into his newfound status as a “gay pin-up boy,” and Levi is totally into the idea!
“I think it’s great, man. Um, I just like my fans. Just another person,” Johnston answered.

Turns out Michael Phelps was drinking before last Thursday’s car accident in Maryland!
Phelps downed a beer an hour and 15 minutes before the accident occurred, he admitted to police!
Baltimore police have ruled out the booze as the cause for the accident because Fishy showed “no signs of alcohol impairment.”


Talkarazzi 8/7/09

Ashton Kutcher took to his Twitter to tell the world about his plane almost going down.
Kutcher’s private plane had an emergency landing in Vegas on Thursday prompting tweets such as, “My plane just had to do an emergency landing. Engine over heated. Fire trucks everywhere. Good times.”
The aircraft began having engine trouble minutes after take off around 1pm. The unexpected landing occurred about 6 minutes later.

Even Demi informed the Twitterverse about the dangerous landing, stating, “Yep it is always an adventure in Vegas emergency landing all!”

Ashton tweeted that he was “happy to be alive” and allowed others to join in the celebration with a shameless plug for his new film.
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On September 14th, Jay Leno’s opening night at a new time will have a performance from Jay-z, Rihanna and Kanye West


Paula is done on idol for not getting her 20 million. But she has found a replacement on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva


Harvard University is launching a contemporary menswear line called Harvard Yard.
The university just signed a ten-year licensing deal with Wearwolf Group, a major clothing manufacturer.
The clothes won’t say “Harvard University” on them or don the schools colors except in the fine details (think crimson buttonholes) as they aren’t geared toward their own students, but a larger contemporary male demographic.
The line, which will range in price from $165 for pants to $495 for sport coats, was inspired by photos of students lounging in Harvard Yard in the ’60s.

Think you can do SXSW better than SXSW does? Now’s your chance to tell em’! They’ve announced a new-fangled Panel Picker interface (which isn’t nearly as painful as it sounds) for you to suggest a panel or a presentation for 2010. The submission process runs from June 1 through July 10. Then the community browses ideas and rates them from August 10 – 28. And the community-based approach goes for SXSW Interactive, SXSW Film and SXSW Music.



If you’re a regular reader of Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter feed (and you very well may be, as the actor and prankster has over 2.5 million followers), you may have done a double take when he tweeted on Sunday that the White House had asked him to help get the word out about National HIV Testing Day.”I’ve been asked by the white house to twet this” wrote Kutcher, who provided a link to a White House blog post and accompanying video noting the 14th commemoration of National HIV Testing Day. But did the White House really reach out to Kutcher and ask him to promote their initiative? Or was Kutcher just trying to “punk” us and make us think he’s oh-so-cool because he’s in touch with the White House?

Turns out: Kutcher wasn’t lying. The White House confirmed that it did, in fact, seek Kutcher’s help in promoting the blog post.

“As technology impacts how and where people are communicating online, we are constantly looking for new ways to engage with the public,” said White House assistant press secretary Reid Cherlin. “Our efforts to promote National HIV Testing Day included participation from popular users of Twitter, as well as broad social media engagement by agencies across the government.”

Kutcher was one part of the strategy: The White House has also provided online and text message resources to help people find a local testing site, launched a Twitter hashtag on the subject (#NHTD09) and set up e-cards that individuals can use to encourage others to get tested for HIV/AIDS.

And this isn’t the first time the Obama administration has gotten involved with Twitter. Earlier this month, the State Department asked Twitter to postpone a scheduled shutdown in order to aid anti-government protesters in Iran

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