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You Wanna Talk Cajones? Google Kyrgyzstan…

This country is slightly smaller than South Dakota.

This country’s claim to fame is that it has the world’s largest natural-growth walnut forest.

Yet, this country had the cajones today to tell the U.S. it has 6 months to get the hell off their base at Manas. Manas is a major supply line for the effort in Afghanistan. Sec. of State Clinton has said that talks are still underway to try to negotiate with Kyrgyzstan to renew the “lease” on the base, but who knows how productive that will be? I dunno if Russian cash was involved – I’ve heard rumors of $2 billion in aid promised to K-Stan by Moscow, but of course, no one will actually come out and say that the money and the decision are linked. They are just “coincidences” I guess.

So what now for the U.S.? This comes at a rather interesting time for the Afghanistan effort, seeming that Obama just ordered another 17,000 troops to make their way over there.

Is this a real issue or is this just Russia testing Hillary’s Sec. of State muscle?


Cassie’s Warning Re: Ann Coulter

So I’ve been sick for like 3 days straight – hence my absence on the airwaves. But sickness surely doesn’t keep my from the news, blogging, or CNN. So I’m attempting to rest on the couch this evening with a comfy blanket and a mug-full of warm chai – or as redundancy-lovers like Starbucks like to call “chai tea” – and I decide to exert all my extra energy to reach for the remote and click on CNN to catch Larry King Live.

I don’t know why I like to torture myself watching the King, but tonight I find a little more “joy” in the fact that Joy…yes she has earned the “I-go-by-one-name-only” status…Joy from “The View” is filling in for T-Rex.

I think to myself “oh how joyful, how joyous, joy to the world” until I see that Ann Coulter is the first guest in the lineup. Why did my joy-osity suddenly vanish? Well, because Ann Coulter is…an extreme conservative? Eh. That’s of no concern. A Rush Limbaugh lova? That’s sick, but still doesn’t phase me. A national bestseller? Ok, well that says more about the crazies that buy her books than it says about her, but whatevs. A raging bitch at times? Oh that’s actually great because it discredits her. What took the joy out of seeing Joy on Larry King Live was the fact that no matter how much we progressives want to deny it or hide from it, Ann Coulter (1) does  her homework, (2) knows facts upon facts upon facts that she can twist and turn to her benefit, and (3) a lawyer’s dream, she does not ever accept her opponent using inaccurate words against her.

You have to understand the power of words, and to her credit, Ann Coulter gets it. She may have views that you don’t agree with, but if you cannot keep up with her spinning and dodging and weaving facts and figures and if you cannot use the exact correct words to attack her credibility and her arguments,  you will be eaten alive. And unfortunately Joy is just so sweet and so gooey and so lovable and her NY accent is so congenial, but none of it, NONE OF IT, noooooone of it matters when she is faced with the snapping jaws of the Piranha called Ann Coulter.

She even admitted herself, she doesn’t technically have a day job, so she has the benefit of sitting around all day listening to press conferences, looking at various blogs and newsites, reading this and that and the other thing and compiling it all together to come up with her own philosophy. I guess my grandpa would call her a “whipper-snapper” – she may have ideas that are far out in right field, but she is sharp and quick and she does not mince words.

So advice to all y’all progressives or anyone else who aspires to fill in for the King or to take on the Coulter – leave the name-calling, the accusations, the gossip, and the generalizations at home…do your homework, know your facts and figures, be calm, cool, and collected, and try to catch her in her own spin. It’s been done before. It can be done again.


On tomorrows show…

Scott from Unwritten Law will be calling in


Also, After Midnight Project will be calling in to talk about there upcoming tour. Check them out online at:

Tour Dates:
Feb 19 2009 7:30P

Chain Reaction (with “Call The Cops”) Anaheim, California

Feb 20 2009 7:00P

Key Club w/Jack left town,Wicker,The Jakes West Hollywood, California

Feb 21 2009 6:30P

Soma San Diego, California

Feb 22 2009 7:00P

Modified Arts Phoenix, Arizona

Feb 24 2009 7:00P

Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, California

Feb 27 2009 7:00P

The Glasshouse Pomona, California

Feb 28 2009 7:00P

Jerry’s Pizza Bakersfield, California

Mar 3 2009 8:00P

SHO w/ Watchout! There’s Ghosts and Karate High School Salt Lake City, Utah

Mar 4 2009 7:00P

Knights of Columbus w/ Watchout! Theres Ghosts/ Karate highschool Gillette, Wyoming

Mar 5 2009 7:00P

The Black Sheep w/ Watchout! Theres Ghosts/ Karate highschool Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mar 7 2009 8:00P

Club Roxbury w/ Watchout! Theres Ghosts/ Karate Highschool Omaha, Nebraska

Mar 8 2009 7:00P

The Picador w/ Watchout! Theres Ghosts/ Karate highschool Iowa City, Iowa

Mar 9 2009 8:00P

The Vault Buffalo, Minnesota

Mar 10 2009 7:00P

The Warehouse w/ Watchout! Theres Ghosts/ Karate highschool Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Mar 12 2009 7:00P

Mixtape Venue w/ Watchout! Theres Ghosts/ Karate highschool Grand Rapid, Michigan

Mar 13 2009 9:00P

Mac’s Bar Lansing, Michigan

Mar 16 2009 7:00P

The Masquerade w/ Watchout! Theres Ghosts/ Karate highschool Atlanta, Georgia

Mar 17 2009 7:00P

516 Soundstage w/ Watchout! Theres Ghosts/ Karate highschool Shreveport, Louisiana

Mar 18 2009 10:00A

SXSW Music Week Austin, Texas

Mar 19 2009 10:00A

SXSW Music Week Austin, Texas

Mar 20 2009 10:00A

SXSW – 01:00 PM – Troubador Saloon – SXSW Austin, Texas

Mar 21 2009 10:00A

Scout Bar w/ Forever The Sickest Kids Beaumont, Texas

Mar 22 2009 1:00P

SXSW Music Week Austin, Texas

Jun 28 2009 10:00A

Warped Tour Ventura, California

Jun 30 2009 10:00A

Warped Tour Phoenix, Arizona

Jul 1 2009 10:00A

Warped Tour Las Cruces, New Mexico

Jul 2 2009 10:00A

Warped Tour Selma, Texas

Jul 3 2009 10:00A

Warped Tour Houston, Texas

Jul 5 2009 10:00A

Warped Tour Dallas, Texas

Aug 1 2009 10:00A

Warped Tour Chicago, Illinois

Aug 2 2009 10:00A

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Aug 8 2009 10:00A

Warped Tour Salt Lake City, Utah

Aug 9 2009 10:00A

Warped Tour Denver, Colorado


Patti Stanger calls in!



If you’re not going to be a virgin, learn what birth control is!

Bristol Palin, the 18-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin whose pregnancy during the presidential campaign made headlines, taped an interview for Greta Van Susteren’s “On The Record” on Monday night.

Both Bristol, appearing with her 2-month old baby Tripp for the first time, and her mother expressed skepticism about abstinence-only programs which her mother backed when running for governor in 2006.

When Van Susteren mentions abstinence in discussing Bristol’s surprise pregnancy, Sarah Palin responded: “It sounds naive. Life happens.”

Bristol also said that “everyone should be abstinent but it’s not realistic… [sex] is more and more accepted among kids my age.”

Bristol also warned about the dangers of teen pregnancy and said that she should have waited 10 years before having children.

“Of course I wish it would happen in like 10 years so I could have a job and education and my own house… But he brings so much joy. i don’t regret it at all.”

At the end of the interview, Sarah Palin gave a passionate speech against the fairness doctrine, which has been painted by conservatives as a prerogative of Democrats. She lauded a few members of the media whom she admires for asking tough questions – and all of whom happen to work for Fox News: Van Susteren, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck.

“Any attempt to squash these voices… that’s a threat to our democracy.”



$1500 for the whole year?!?!?

A family of four in New Hampshire is trying to spend just $1,500 for their groceries, household items and personal care expenses for an entire year and detail their attempt in a blog. To accomplish their goal Heather and Bourne Spooner have developed a new system of shopping that includes stockpiling foods and paying close attention to coupons and sales, reported. “My first inclination was, wow, that’s not that much money,’” Bourne told “But, hey, if we can do it it’ll save us a lot of money.” And save they have. The couple said so far this year their average grocery bill is only $125 a month, reported. In addition to clipping coupons, the Spooners shop at specific stores for certain items and have adjusted the way they plan meals. “If I have chicken and ground beef and cucumbers and carrots and peppers that I need to use this week, then I’ll take all of that and I will look for recipes for those items,” Heather told The Spooners also have sworn off dining out until their wedding anniversary, on Dec. 28.



Dwayne Wade sues his wife!!!!

Dwyane Wade sued his estranged wife and two of her lawyers Wednesday over accusations the Miami Heat star contracted a sexually transmitted disease through an extramarital affair. In the lawsuit, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, Wade is seeking at least $50,000 in damages from each defendant. Siohvaughn Wade said last month the player infected her with an unspecified disease in 2007. Weeks later, she withdrew the claim from the court hearing the divorce case for unknown reasons. That wasn’t enough to satisfy the 2006 NBA finals MVP, who said her allegations not only defamed him, but caused “embarrassment” and “humiliation” along with damaging future earning potential. “It has been difficult to see false allegations, rumors and gossip repeatedly discussed in public about my personal life,” Dwyane Wade said in a statement released to the AP. “I had no other choice but to file this action in order to clear my name.” Wade declined further comment. The All-Star guard also lists attorneys Michael Berger and Dorene Marcus as defendants, along with their firms, contending they wronged him in the same manner as his estranged wife. The suit was filed in Chicago, where the divorce proceedings have gone on for nearly a year. “Mr. Wade has been the victim of a reckless campaign by Siohvaughn Wade and her lawyers to publicly humiliate him and damage his reputation,” Joe Power, an attorney representing the Heat player, said in a statement to the AP. “To clear the public record from these false and malicious allegations, we have filed a defamation suit in court … and will seek appropriate compensation for damages.” Siohvaughn Wade’s claim made “by and through her attorneys, and disseminated by various print and online media throughout the world placed plaintiff Dwyane Wade in a false light,” according to the lawsuit. “We believe there’s absolutely no merit to it,” Berger said. “I believe that the lawsuit will get dismissed. It seems interesting to me Wade would file a lawsuit like this when he supposedly wants to keep a low profile. This lawsuit will put his entire private and social life in full view of the public.” Berger added that even though the original claim by Siohvaughn Wade was withdrawn, “Mrs. Wade has stood behind her allegations.” In the allegations filed in January, along with the claims of affairs and being infected with an STD, Siohvaughn Wade said her husband abandoned their children and goes weeks at a time without speaking to them. She added that the paternal relationship was so severed that her younger son cries uncontrollably when he’s around and he does not recognize Dwyane Wade as his father. Siohvaughn Wade’s withdrawal of the claim wouldn’t prevent her from resubmitting it to court at a later date. The divorce proceedings are not expected to end anytime soon. Dwyane Wade’s private life has been tabloid fodder for several months, a span that largely coincides with his split from his high school sweetheart. A recent story in The Palm Beach Post, based on comments made by a former business partner of Dwyane Wade — a person who’s filed suit against him, alleging breach of contract in a failed restaurant deal — said Wade used a rented Miami apartment for sex parties and smoked marijuana. Wade’s representatives denied that story, dismissing it as lies from someone seeking a payoff from the NBA star. Dwyane and Siohvaughn Wade began dating as teens and continued their relationship through college. He starred at Marquette, leading his team to the Final Four before being drafted with the No. 5 overall pick in 2003 by Miami. The couple married in 2002 and have two children, the older of whom was born three months before the wedding. Their second son was born in 2007. Through the tumult, Wade has been having the best season of his career in many statistical areas. He entered play Wednesday as the NBA’s second-leading scorer. “He’s done a tremendous job just focusing on the team and the game when he’s in this building,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “In many ways, this can be a sanctuary, not just a place of work, but a place of escape and he’s got a great way of compartmentalizing things in his life.”


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